Thursday, May 9, 2013

Android Zombie Defense 1.5.0 apk

Have you ever tried to use Zombie Defense in your android device? This application is indeed great android application that you need to have it. It brings a lot of features which will make you very love it. The latest version is Zombie Defense 1.5.0. Zombie Defense 1.5.0 might be downloaded from Android Market. So, if you wish to download it to your android device, just open your Google Play application and lookup Zombie Defense. Below is detail of the application.

Zombie Defense 1.5.0

Features of Zombie Defense 1.5.0

Zombie Defense 1.5.0 brings many features which can make you very love it. Here is summary of the application depending on official page from Google Play

★ 2013 Best Addicting Zombie Tower Defense Game!
The town is overrun by zombies, they are coming to take over! In this challenging defense game, your mission is to defeat all of the monsters. Defend your city from the attacking zombie waves! Are you city heroes?
Rage against the enemy! Be the Zombie Hunter!!

How to play:
# Tap or touch screen to firing.
# Drag and drop fighter icon to bombing.
# Earning coins by killing zombies.
# Defeat the boss to get more coins.
# Earn an extra bonus when you advance to next level.
# Golden Coins can upgrade your weapons.
# Diamonds can restore your life quickly.
# Defend your city with Guns, Towers, Bombs, Missiles and Lasers.

✔ 5 Stages and 300+ challenging levels.
✔ 10+ powerful weapons.
✔ Free to play.

Tags: City Defender, Last Survivor, Castal Defender, Gunners Vs. Zombies.

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Zombie Defense Zombie Defense

The most recent version, Zombie Defense 1.5.0 also brings several changes and improvements, here are:

* Add more realistic gaming scenes
* Add diamond props can restore your life quickly.
* Add more accurate global ranking data.
* Lv.67 bug fixed.
* Earn Free Gold Coins.

Download Zombie Defense 1.5.0 apk Android

And finally, we suggest that you set up this app in your android device. Follow this link to download Zombie Defense 1.5.0 directly into your android device.


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