Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Download Fish Adventure 1.2.11 apk Android

Have you tried to use Fish Adventure in your android device? This app is so very good android app that you should have it. It brings a lot of features which will make you very love it. The current version is Fish Adventure 1.2.11. Fish Adventure 1.2.11 can be downloaded from Android Market. So, if you want to download it in your android device, just open up your Android Market application and lookup Fish Adventure. Below is detail of the app.

Fish Adventure 1.2.11

Features of Fish Adventure 1.2.11

Fish Adventure 1.2.11 brings many features which will make you very like it. Here's summary of the application according to official web page from Play Store

Fish Adventure is pet caring game where you should take care of nature, raise beautiful fishes, creatures and develop undersea world.

Game is interactive. Tap on a fish or a creature and they will perform interesting actions like blowing of puffer fish. Kids will surely like it!

Game also has educational purpose teaching to keep our earth green and clean and take care of sea creatures.

Each week we will push new fishes, creatures. Wait also for great quests system coming up in couple of weeks.

You can also showcase your undersea world as live wallpaper on your phone screen.

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Fish Adventure Fish Adventure

The latest version, Fish Adventure 1.2.11 also brings many changes and improvements, here are:

VERSION 1.2.11
Fixed Breeding Crash Issue
Fixed Android 1.6 crash issue
VERSION 1.2.10
Important bug fixing on payments
Fixed several issues
Important bug fixing regarding payments
Changed to more reliable payment system

Download Fish Adventure 1.2.11 apk Android

And finally, we suggest that you set up this application in your android device. Follow this link to download Fish Adventure 1.2.11 directly into your android device.


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