Saturday, May 11, 2013

Free Download HD Sexy Girl Puzzle 2 apk

If you new with Android gadget, probably you might have not yet known this app, HD Sexy Girl Puzzle 2. I think its one of the most popular app on Android market. Even, it turned out downloaded by so many Android users. The latest version is HD Sexy Girl Puzzle 2 You're able to download HD Sexy Girl Puzzle 2 apk from Google Play Store or download HD Sexy Girl Puzzle 2 apk from any other sites. Continue reading this report to know further details regarding the application.

HD Sexy Girl Puzzle 2

Features of HD Sexy Girl Puzzle 2 for Android

HD Sexy Girl Puzzle 2 comes with attractive features. So, a lot of the users like it. Here's feature of the app based on official page from Google Play Store:
HD Sexy Girl Puzzle 2 comes with whopping 38 photos of sexy girl in HD and also new drag and drop jigsaw experience. An enjoyable puzzle game ft. sexy wallpaper collection

You will get to unlock more sexy girls wallpaper as you advance into more level, you are able to set each of them as your home screen wallpaper.

*Update - New Feature* - Feeling naughty but don't want others to know? You can now change the app icon and name to something else less noticeable.

*Update - Added Live Wallpaper with sexy photo slideshow

1. Pictures were carefully selected and only high quality sexy photo is used.
2. After unlocking a photo, you can save it to local sdcard through gallery.
3. Set as wallpaper is supported. Most photo comes in HD quality.
4. You can choose sexy jigsaw puzzle with higher difficulty to challenge with, they are not easy, but fun!
5. This app has content in high maturity and is only suitable for users who age 18 and above.
6. Now supports live wallpaper. Slideshow of 50 sexy photos right on your home screen.

*Note - For the live wallpaper, the slide show is set to refresh every 15 seconds. There are 50 photos in the live wallpaper by default, unlock premium version for more sexy live wallpapers

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This app is supported via search. Please note that the following will be added to your device once you download the app – Search icon, bookmark link and browser homepage. You can delete/replace these search points easily. This is a way to make money from this app and giving it to you for free. Thank you for your understanding.

Meanwhile, you can also find many additional features in HD Sexy Girl Puzzle 2, listed below are: - Fixed multiple bugs
- Fixed layout to support smaller screens and tablet form factor
- Added Live Wallpaper!
- Fixed In-App Purchase
- Added Premium option for Ad Removal & unlock 10 additional puzzles!

HD Sexy Girl Puzzle 2 HD Sexy Girl Puzzle 2

Download HD Sexy Girl Puzzle 2 apk Android

However, what we post here not yet enough to explain HD Sexy Girl Puzzle 2. So, we recommend that you install this app into your Android gadget. You can download HD Sexy Girl Puzzle 2 using this link.


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