Saturday, May 18, 2013

Download Blue Skies Live Wallpaper 2.21 apk Android

Blue Skies Live Wallpaper is certainly one of should have applications to your android device. Just to inform you a couple of days ago this app up-to-date to new version Blue Skies Live Wallpaper 2.21. As usual, if you have installed this app in your android device, you just should to update it on the latest version. Open Up your Google Play application > My Applications and pick Blue Skies Live Wallpaper then update it. If not yet, you can also download it directly from Play Store. Some sites also provide link to download Blue Skies Live Wallpaper 2.21 apk. Then, the following is detail of the app.

Blue Skies Live Wallpaper Blue Skies Live Wallpaper

What's New on Blue Skies Live Wallpaper 2.21 Android

There are some changes in the most recent version of Blue Skies Live Wallpaper. Surely, it is going to be better than prior version. Listed here are major features of the application based on Android Market official page.

Soar through the clouds with this beautiful 3D live wallpaper! Colorful balloons drift through the scene, randomly or based on your unread messages! See the sun rise and set, and the moon with appropriate phases! Lots of settings for cloud density, wind speed, sun and moon elevation, scene coloration, lighting based on time of day, and more!

Not a movie! Makes full use of OpenGL, with support for landscape viewing and home screen movement! Works as a daydream on 4.2+ devices!

TO USE: Home->Long Press->Live Wallpapers


SMS: Used to read how many unread messages you have, and spawn balloons based on that.

Coarse Location: Used to calculate accurate sunrise/sunset times for your current location.

Meanwhile, here will be the additional features in Blue Skies Live Wallpaper 2.21

- Fixed issue with returning to the 'preview' screen
- Phases of the moon
- Fixed resizing issue on some devices
- Daydream support on Android 4.2+
- Simulated scrolling on some devices
- "None" wind speed setting

Blue Skies Live Wallpaper 2.21

Download Blue Skies Live Wallpaper 2.21 apk Android

Then, are you interested to download and set up this app into your android device? Obtain Blue Skies Live Wallpaper 2.21 from here immediately from your device and after that set up it to enjoy all the new features.


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